Krystal; 5SOS, won't you show me your cl(ass)?

First Date with Luke


6 days had passed since you had met this boy named Luke. At first you thought he was a bad boy with his lip ring and dark clothing. He was really intimidating, but at the same time, he was really soft and warm. It was pure coincidence that you two had met and you guys certainly had something there. Something different, but something to explore.

He had asked you out on a date the second day that you guys had talked. You usually wouldn’t go for it, but it was Luke. There was a carnival in town and he was going to take you to spend the whole day there. As you put on a cute outfit to run around in, you think of Luke and all the possibilities there are. Right as you reach the door to go out, Luke texts you. “[y/n], I’m in your driveway. Peek-a-boo.” You giggle to yourself and think “How can a boy that looks so dark and sexy be so cute and fun?”. 

The carnival was beautiful with the smell of candy apples, funnel cakes, and deep fried oreos. You simply loved the feel of the surrounding. He took your hand and immediately went to the ferris wheel. The 2 rounds of circling gave you time to learn a bit about each other. He was right. Something was different, but good. Time simply flew as you went around, playing games, jumping in bouncy houses, and eating unhealthy junk.

At the end of the day, Luke had told you to hang on for just a second. He raced away and you had sat down on the grass, just soaking in the sun and feel of everyone having so much fun. He came back with a picnic blanket and some cotton candy. “I thought we could watch the fireworks a little bit more comfortably.”, he said while giving you the cotton candy. You nodded and he laid down with his head in your lap, asking you questions about what you like and don’t. “[y/n], you’re so different from everyone. I like that. I like you”. “I like you too, Luke.”, you said. He leaned up to kiss your nose and just then, fireworks went off. What a coincidence…

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