Krystal; 5SOS, won't you show me your cl(ass)?

"Just give me a chance. I can be the one who loves you.."

You took a step into the crisp, autumn weather with no intentions of being productive. You were free from work, school, family, and any other object of stress in your life. 

You decided to take this opportunity to go to Michael’s house. Your best friend for who knows how long. He was known around the neighborhood for his bright hair and bright personality. He was such a wanna be punk, but everyone knew he was too much of a softie for anything remotely punk.

You texted Michael while walking to his house, only down the street. "Hey, I’m coming over, hope you don’t mind. Just didn’t want to spend the day alone." In maybe less than 10 seconds, you receive a reply from him. "That’s fine. I have a friend over. And no, it is not Ash, Cal, or Luke." You laughed to yourself because he knew that you would make fun of the group’s ultimate bromance.

Once you got to Michael’s house, you didn’t bother ringing the doorbell. You walked right in; you knew you were welcome. You were met by a stunning boy that was not Michael. He was cute and seemed to think the same about you.

The taller one introduced himself to you, "Hi, my name is Mark. And you must be the beautiful, [y/n] that Michael rambles on about all the time." You blushed and nodded, while watching him make quite the first impression. 

Michael stumbled on in from upstairs, "Mark, I have Call of Duty and Assassin.. Oh [y/n]!" He stopped abruptly and took a good look at you, then a good look at Mark. "Did I interrupt a love at first sight deal?", he chuckled. 

Mark looked at Michael and swiftly replied, "My God Michael. Maybe you did." It seemed that Michael didn’t expect that answer because he had then punched Mark hard on the shoulder. You giggled seeing that Michael was so protective. 

You watched the boys as they battled it out on their video games. You laughed every time either one had screamed from dying or frustration. Every once in a while Mark would sneak a wink at you while Michael was too invested in the game.

When Michael had left to go to get some snacks, Mark did not take any extra time to jump next to you. "This might be very forward of me, but I would love to take you out tomorrow." You stared at him with wide eyes, nobody had done anything like this for you before.

You didn’t know what else to do, so why not? You nodded and tried to hide your grin with your hands. Mark gave you a smirk and slid back down on the floor right as Michael had come back to the room.

After many rounds, Mark had decided that it was time to go and on his way out, he handed you a small piece of paper with his number on it. You didn’t want to meet him tomorrow, not knowing anything about him, so you decided to ask Michael about him. 

"Are you insane, [y/n]?! Yes, he’s my friend and all, but he’s an asshole when it comes to girls! No. You can’t go with him tomorrow. He has a problem when it comes to this stuff. Don’t go.", Michael was obviously furious at your situation. 

You weren’t used to angry Michael, so you went right ahead and blew up on him. "Michael, I’m old enough to make my own decisions. You know damn well that everyone deserves a chance. He seemed into me, and I thought it was sweet. So screw off because this is my choice."

You stormed out of his house and heard him scream, "Don’t you ever say I didn’t warn you, [y/n]! You don’t have me this time!" You rushed off and heard him slam his front door shut. 

"God, Michael and his arrogance just made you so angry sometimes. He was supposed to be the open one in the friendship…", you thought to yourself.

You ran home and just drowned out everything with tears and sad movies. After a long night of not talking to anyone, you decided to go to sleep. Maybe Mark would prove Michael wrong. 

Once you woke up, you felt energized enough to take on the world. It was the day to be with Mark. The day to prove Michael wrong. You decided to put on your best outfit. You had texted Mark, "Hi! It’s [y/n], I was wondering where you wanted to go today." 

You impatiently waited for his text and soon enough you got a reply. "Hello lovely lady, how about the park around 12? See you then x" 

Your heart seemed to skip a beat as you were so flustered by the thought of everything. You walked to the park a little earlier, around 11:40 just to make sure you got your butterflies out of the way. You sat on the park bench, just taking in your surroundings.

You saw the lake, the birds, children, parents, and squirrels all over the place. But you did see one thing that you did not expect. Mark was with another girl. She was on his lap giving him soft kisses, that he was obviously returning.

Your heart shattered right then and there. Michael was right. You were used and the date hadn’t even started. You ran out of the park and to an abandoned field that only you and Michael knew of. Tears welled up in your eyes, and sobs flew out like no tomorrow.

Once you got to the field, you saw Michael. He was picking at the grass and had his back towards you. Even though you would get the “I told you so” speech, you were so happy to see him.

"Michael", you said in between sobs. He turned around and ran towards you. He embraced you in a hug that was so comforting that it just overwhelmed you even more. "I thought you might come here, I was hoping you would prove me wrong.", he whispered into your hair.

"Nobody wants me. Everyone just plays me, Michael. I was wrong. Nobody deserves a chance.", you cried harder while thinking of the past relationships you had.

He pulled away from you and tucked pieces of your hair behind your ears. "Hey, look at me." He sighed. "Do you know why I got so bloody mad when you told me that you wanted to see Mark?", he asked softly. 

You shook your head and wiped away the tears running down your face. Michael shuffled his feet and bent down to look you in the eyes. 

"[y/n], I’ve seen you at your best and your worst. And honestly, I think with me, you’re always at your best. I’ve fallen deeper and deeper for you and tried to hide it, hoping you would find someone better than me. But all you got was tears and heartbreak….", Michael stuttered at his last words.

You tried holding your breath to stop the muffled cries, and looked into Michael’s warm eyes. He was your best friend, what if something bad happened. Then you would be at a loss in too many ways.

"Just give me a chance. I can be the one who loves you..", he hugged you and sighed. "Please."

You take a step back from him and slowly asked, "How do I know that this won’t end up like everything else?" He looked at you square in the eye and replied, "You don’t. But someone once told me that everyone deserves a chance…..take a chance on me, [y/n]."

You couldn’t resist. You rushed into him and kissed him, feeling the anguish of your tears and his relief. The start of new chances. 

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